Introduction to Personal Computers

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Learn about your computer and how you can start using it right away. Learn to understand the basic terminology used when talking about things in, on or around your computer. This course covers both desktop and notebook computers.

This course will help answer the questions:

  • How do I setup and start using my Desktop PC?
  • How do I setup and start using my Small Form Factor PC?
  • How do I setup and start using my Notebook PC?
  • How do I use Windows XP or Vista?
  • How do I get help if I get stuck?
1 level - 48 modules - 3 learning hours

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Course Instructor: AtHand's ExpertLine Instructors

AtHand's ExpertLine Instructors bring together AtHand's own teams of instructional designers, technical writers and expert technical presenters. The ExpertLine Instructors are best known for the hundreds of hours of courseware developed in AtHand's custom training division for Fortune 500 companies, academic partners and many other organizations. This team of experts have the real world knowledge to properly teach the basic and advanced topics for many of today's popular PC applications and practices.

Course Outline
1 Level

1.0 New to Computers - What is a Personal Computer (PC)?
  • 1.1 Hardware
  • 1.2 Software
  • 1.3 PC Types
  • 1.4 PC Uses
2.0 About Your Desktop PC
  • 2.1 Front Components
  • 2.2 Rear Components
  • 2.3 Inside Your PC
  • 2.4 System Board Components
3.0 About Your Small Form Factor PC
  • 3.1 Front Components
  • 3.2 Rear Components
  • 3.3 Inside Your PC
  • 3.4 System Board Components
4.0 About your Notebook PC
  • 4.1 Front Components
  • 4.2 Left Side Components
  • 4.3 Right Side Components
  • 4.4 Rear Components
  • 4.5 Bottom Components
  • 4.6 Inside Your PC
  • 4.7 System Board Components
5.0 Using your PC for the First Time
  • 5.1 Setting Up Your Desktop PC
  • 5.2 Operation of the on/off switch
  • 5.3 Initial Power Up
  • 5.4 Logging On to Windows
  • 5.5 Using the Mouse
  • 5.6 Shutting Down Your PC
6.0 Using your Notebook PC for the First Time
  • 6.1 Setting Up Your Notebook PC
  • 6.2 Operation of the on/off switch
  • 6.3 Initial Power Up
  • 6.4 Logging On to Windows
  • 6.5 Using the Touch Pad
  • 6.6 Connecting External Devices
  • 6.7 Shutting Down Your Notebook PC
7.0 Windows XP Overview
  • 7.1 Using the Windows Desktop
  • 7.2 Opening, Closing, Resizing and Moving Individual Windows
  • 7.3 Exploring the Windows Control Panel
8.0 Windows Vista Overview
  • 8.1 Using the Windows Desktop
  • 8.2 Opening, Closing, Resizing and Moving Individual Windows
  • 8.3 Exploring the Windows control Panel
9.0 Using Window’s XP Help and Support
1.0 Using Window’s Vista Help and Support